Appliance-based scalable IP packet capturing, reconstruction, indexing, storage and search system

NTSSis a scalable infrastructure element for corporate and business security, capturing all traffic crossing your network perimeter. It performs full traffic recording and reconstruction into meaningful data objects, storing relevant data into instantly searchable database, that you can easily access via web-based interface.

NTSSuses private cloud architecture to flexibly scale out monitoring capacity: data volume captured, stored and indexed, and search response times. System can be scaled out from a single appliance to a large multi-server cluster.

NTSS can be productively applied across broad spectrum of business areas:
Corporate Security Information Theft Monitoring
Communications Risk Management Employee Loyalty Monitoring
DLP (Data loss prevention) Negative Publicity Tracking
Long-term Data Retention Post-factum Network Exploit and
Software Connectivity Problem   Security Incident Analysis
  Diagnostics Internet and Email Use and Abuse
Software Performance Diagnostics   Monitoring

Instantaneous Search

Search over 250GB of content in less than 5 seconds on a single NTSS appliance and

maintain the same search time with terabytes of data via clustering. Most ad hoc queries are typically performed under 0.5 second, providing relevant results for pivoting, navigation and exploration of network traffic of particular interest.

Scalable Capture

and Data Retention

Scales linearly through clustering to support line rates up to 1Gbit/s and data retention policies limited only by disk space for raw IP and reconstructed data.

Simple and Intuitive UI

Browser based NTSS interface allows visual browsing of acquired network data like e-mails, webpages, images and documents. Users can work efficiently and comfortably without knowledge of network protocols or other technical details.

Real-time Alerts

NTSS system users can be alerted in real- time based on user-defined criteria - “content matching”.

Traffic Filtration

Comprehensive traffic filtering rules accommodate Organizational policies for retaining or ignoring certain users, domains or traffic types.

Audited, Role-based NTSS

System User Access

User rights management to enforce roles-based interaction with the system, complete with a full audit trail.


Wide range of reports – user, document type, IP address etc. available to meet every organization needs.

Open Standards Architecture

All traffic META and reference data is retained in open standards XML wrappers, enabling data exchange for 3rd party analysis tools and applications with fully documented API

(Application Programming Interface). Same data is stored in raw network data in pcap (packed capture) format and can be used as evidence in Network Forensic Analysis.


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